Daily Prompt: Five ItemsA classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island? Separate these needs from wants and strengthen your emotional fitness aka #emotionalintelligence. 

#EmotionalIntelligence uses a cartoon for blog about  needs.

Work is how we get paid so we can first buy what we need and hopefully  then buy what we want. As always thank you Doug Savage for partnering with EFTI.

So what are my five items? Water, food, shelter, medicine, and a computer with a strong internet connection.

This week I’ve blogged a bit about shame related to my dysgraphia.  This questioned focused me a bit on what I keep writing and enduring the pain and the last item on my list speaks to that. I need to write, I have an emotional need to be connected to people, and I want to share knowledge.  The computer and internet have made that possible.

Separating needs from wants is a major emotional fitness task.  Keeps you focused on what matters. I picked this cartoon because one of my old lady rants is the against the idea that we need to be happy at our work. Helps if we are, but we need jobs to pay the rent, buy food, and take care of our needs. Happiness is by-product and not a need.

Finally, here is an  interesting link to a quiz about needs versus wants.

Separating wants and needs involves remembering  what matters and is a sign of emotional intelligence.  So here is the EFTI Poster Coach reminding you what matters.



The more our needs get met, the more focus moves to wants. Not helpful when it comes to what matters. In this season of gift giving, give more to those whose needs are truly not being met. Practicing Kindness is an Emotional Fitness Exercise. My Pinterest page of the same name looks at acts of kindness, but this particular pin looks at what charities do the best job of seeing their funds go to those in need. 

Meanwhile  smile as often as you can, laugh and play,  and be grateful for all you have been given.

As always, share and care what you find helps you get and stay emotionally strong.   I hope if you find my posts of value, you will  practice internet kindness liking, rating, commenting, or sharing.

Thank you for all you do and as always work to stay strong, not always easy, but worth while.


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  11. The Torah says Love thy Neighbor as Thyself (Leviticus). That is a familiar phrase known to almost everyone. However very few people know the rest of the sentence. Ask your clergyman to finish the sentence. Very few can. Orthodox Rabbis certainly can. It is “I am God”. Without that ending “Love your Neighbor as Yourself” remains just a suggestion. “I AM GOD” means it is a command. Hat tip Dennis Prager.

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