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Too wired, spending too much time multi-tasking?   It is a human trait according the the arthur of the link below, who says:

“Socrates was so hooked on the dominant connectedness of his time — oral conversation — he couldn’t bear to spend time outside the walls of Athens. Why take a quiet walk in the country when he could be where the action was, chatting up his friends? A friend showed Socrates that putting some distance between yourself and your busy, connected life does wonders for the mind. Today we just need to learn that same lesson.”

First Steps to Digital Detox – Room for Debate Blog –

Some say it is good for us, others not.  I think it is always a matter of balance.    As someone on the Downhill Slope, I feel lots of pressure to try and get it all done,  I often don’t take time to just be or to smell the roses.   Not good.

I do observe the Shabbat–at least partially and Friday night is always unplugged time.  I have also recently gotten into the habit  of sitting on my patio and watching the sun set each night.   I do feel calmer and more refreshed generally and also find I am getting a bit more done with less angst.  Unplugged time is important.  Try it, you might like it.

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