Struggling a bit, who doesn’t? Aging takes courage and often just “Staying alive” requires bravery and commitment.  Anyway, I used this poster yesterday on my Parents Are People Too Blog. Hope you like it. No escaping failure.

Emotional Fitness Poster Coach with quotes about failing.

My current struggles have to do with problems of aging from which there is no escape.  If you think you can stay forever young in your body, think again.  As that old adage says we cannot escape death (aging) or taxes. With a bow to the news of the day I would add surveillance to that cliché.  But I digress, which is a problem of aging by the way.  Older minds wander more, or at least mine does.  Another off topic thought. Sigh.

What to do? Here are some of my strategies, what I call emotional fitness tips.


Tip one: Live your mission and The Mission.  If you are reading me for the first time, you might wonder what I mean by The Mission. Well, here is another poster coach that says it all.


The Mission in my words is to spread as much kindness as you can, when you can and where you can.  The more each of us does that the kinder the world grows.  Might not bring peace on earth, but at least will improve the moment for some, and is good for your heart and soul.

Haven’t thought much about your personal mission by which I mean what you want your life to stand for? No time like the present; my newest eBook, due out in August, is devoted to clarifying Missions and Goals.  You need both to get to the end of your life in a way that says “I did good, and I did it my way”.

Tip two:  Relax more. Do more of what calms.  Be with family or friends depending on who calms you the most.  Face facts, for many family life is stressed; different people with different needs and agendas, trying to get along.  The quest for total happiness and self fullfilment does not help. Moreover, we do not pick our families. All that means sometimes you need more time with friends.  Alone-time, and quiet-time also calm.

Tip three: Care less about what others think. I have had life long lessons in not fitting the norm, and have been helped by my parents living lives focused on doing what matters and not worrying a great deal about what others think one should look like.  It helped me to marry a man who hated make-up and was more invested in my character than my looks.  I am so grateful my hair turned silver and that I have found a style that doesn’t need constant visits to the beauty shop.

That said, of course we all want to look our best and there are times I add make-up.  The trick is to keep a balance and to not let others pull your self-esteem down  based on outward appearances.  The media in particular wants us to feel insecure about our visual presence, so we buy more.  So be aware of all the messages that push a perfection few of us can match, which is why top models are so well paid. Striving for good enough works better than desparately seeking perfection.

Stay strong

With the weekend coming use the bit of free time you have to work at caring less about the outside you.  See what you can put aside for a day or a half a day.   There are days I stay in my pajamas – the blessing of retirement.  Probably a bit too much for many of you to, but one can declare Pajama Breakfast or a Pajama Dinner as a start.  Try it, you might enjoy it and little kids will love a PJ dinner followed by popcorn and family game playing.

As always keep caring and sharing, and my thanks for all you do.


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