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A Grandfather’s letter about God to his 13-year-old grandson: 

Dear Max,

In school and from teachers you will encounter many people who will tell you there is no G-d.  Communists and most socialists will tell you there is no G-d because G-d gave us guidance on how to live a good life but they don’t want to live by G-d’s rules.  They want to make up their own. I’m going here to give you my proof that G-d exists using logic.  Take 15 pieces of paper and number them 1-15.  Now take them and throw them up into the air and let them fall wherever they fall.  Now pick them up 1 by 1 without looking at the numbers.  What do you think the odds are that you will pick them up in order 1-15.  There are advanced math formulas which are used to calculate the odds.  I’ll give you the answer now.  One in 1.39 QUADRILLION.

This is 1 hundred quadrillion.


It could happen that you might pick them up in order the first time, but very highly unlikely.  In fact, you could spend the rest of your life trying and never succeed.

Now think about the complexity of a relatively simple apple. An apple grows from a stem on a tree.  The process that makes it grow and ripen is far more complex than the 15 pieces of paper described above.  The apple has purpose.  It is for you to eat.  It hangs from a stem which is strong enough to prevent it from blowing off the tree from which it gets sustenance while it ripens.  It does not taste good until it ripens and the sugars inside it develop to make it sweet.  Its green skin keeps moisture inside it and protects it from the elements and as it grows but when it matures it turns a beautiful red as if to say eat me now.  At that point, the stem which held it so tightly weakens making it easier to pull it from the tree.  If the apple is not picked and falls to the ground it rots and within it are seeds which them disperse some of which get implanted and give rise to new apple trees. What are the odds that happened by accident? Quite a brilliant design isn’t it.

Anyone who thinks that all happened by chance without a creator who organized and invented it is not thinking logically.  If the 15 pieces of paper odds is one in 1.39 quadrillion imagine the odds of an apple happening by accident.  The odds are one in infinity.  What is infinity?  Any number you pick and say it is infinity is wrong- just add 1 to it and you have proven it wrong.  Only G-d, who created everything from nothing, is infinite.  The Hebrew name for G-d which we are not allowed to pronounce out of respect for the awesomeness of him and his creations, is Always was, Is, and Always will be.

Now compare the complexity of an apple to the complexity of a human being. Incredible.  Only the infinite G-d could have created the quadrillions and quadrillions of factors which make up the world and the Universe.

If you disagree or have any comments, please email me with your thoughts. For Jews, there is no question you are not allowed to ask, and if I don’t have the answer, someone else, probably a wise Rabbi, has the answer.


Grandpa aka David Levine

For all you do, thank you

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