My “To Do List” has always been far too long.  The price of hyper-activity and big dreams.  Has actually served me well, so that is not a complaint. However,  I am an old lady who needs to sit down every once in a while, and revise her priorities.  That is am important part of staying emotionall fit and emotionally healthy.

Posting every day has been a joy, but has slipped  over on to the must do, and my life is not getting shorter, so I don’t want to burden myself any more than necessary with this or that must do.  Moreover, I am the only one saying I must post everyday.

Moreover,  with the E-publication of my first parent advice book When Good Kids Do Bad Things.and the soon to be E-publicaton of Parents Are People Too, I am now blogging as The Parent’s Friend, occasionally on the blog Metaplume’s created for me as well as working working the social media.  Makes me tired just to type it all.

Moreover.  I still have hopes that Merlin and Meredyth will be published.  Catherine Vaughan has taken over the book, and has already published Begetting Merlin  on Smash Words.  Classified as adult, some would say soft porn, titillating.  Next  stories deal with Merlin’s early life beginning with the soon to be published No Dragon Slains, less sex, Merlin’s brief reign as the Dragon Slayer.

Wannabe authors or already published but want also to be E-published, think about contacting Metaplume.  Many of you are writing books as you write your blogs and deserve to be published.  I am so grateful, Fiona happened on my When Good Kids Do Bad Things and asked to E-publish it.

Now back to when I will be posting “God ( which I expand to include Higher Powers, the Force, Fate, or the Grim Reaper) willing” as my mother used to say. Parent’s Friend: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Emotional Fitness Training: Tuesday and Thursdays and my repeated Shabbat Shalom post. It is highly likely on days I can read lots of stuff on the web, I will re-blog–that is my idea of quest blogging.  I assume if you are out there, you do not mind re-blogs of your material.  I love spreading knowledge.  Thank you all for helping me do that and for keeping me strong.


Want to really sharpen your priorites. Here is an exercise I used when giving Stay Strong Workshops. You have been granted the rare right to know the date of your death.  Tomorrow? How will you spend now?  A year from tomorrow? How will you spend that year?  Five years from tomorrow?  How will you spend those years.

Bonus:  Think about what will be said at your funeral?  Not the pie in the sky stuff, but the real stuff.  What would you like said.  Set your priorities based on what you hope will be said.


If you have time to go here to let me know if you like new format better than the old ones.  You will be practicing kindness, I will be grateful, and if you don’t have time to go, I can practice forgiveness.  You all help keep me strong.




  1. I’m glad I finally got to this post and I feel the same way… I joined the WP challenge last year and it was a herculean task that I passed with flying colors… I don’t feel the same urge this year and lots of other things have been calling me… I just don’t have the time or energy to do it daily anymore and I need to focus on the many priorities at hand… I want to not feel anxious when I read a good book or watch a movie. I need that time back. Having said that, I plan to stay connected and will book mark this post for metaplume. Blessings!

    • Still way too busy, but slowly adjusting the the new schedule and plowing through my to do list. ALmostt have time to breathe. I hoped somehow, my “intellectual property” would get eventually put out on the web and Metaplume has been an answer to those prayers. I really hope you manage to cut down. You are an extraordinary writer with much to say and I am hoping you are working on a book. Stay strong and thank you for reading.

      • No matter how long we live, life is too short to do all we want and can. I am blessed I have done much of what I wanted. Do the same. You are the only one who can make sure that happens. It takes some luck, but mostly it takes realziing even those that love you the most can’t do it for you. Whatever it is.

  2. I too put myself under pressure to blog every day but as I have been down with a ghastly cold for the past six days, I have let it slip. Thanks for this lesson. Writing is and should be a joy not a have to do.
    I love reblogs too and am thrilled when somebody reblogs one of my posts.
    Take it easy Katherine. We are the Elders of this community and deserve to take life just a little easier now.

  3. I love reblogs! I don’t think it is necessary to blog every day. Your blogs are always very interesting, informative and inspiring but I can manage on a couple a week and so can everyone else. It should never become a chore. I need to learn a lesson here too. Hugs, from a blogging friend.

    • I think with so many wonderful bloggers out there, I agree once or twice a week is sufficient for all of us. But writing is also a therapeutic joy as long as it doesn’t become a chore. One of the saddest women I counseled was someone who lost the joy of writing when she became fairly successful and had to write. She made a peace, but still lost much joy. Retiring means I have a bit more leewasy. As always thank you for your encouragement. You are a true blogguing friend.


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