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Daily Prompt: A Source of Anxiety Write about a noise that won’t go away.  #EmotionalIntelligence topic:Tinnitis Do you know about that?

#EmotionalIntelligence uses a cartoon for blogging about tinnitis. Noise that never stops.

When Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL), took away the hearing from my right ear, tinnitus jumped into fill the void. The voice of my tinnitus is like the grinding of a fax machine.  Unpleasant. But as the doctors say, in time you learn to ignore it. Not ideal, but true and true of many things.

Of course, as I write this I am focusing on the noise.  It  is raucous and unpleasant. Fortunately, it is not life threatening.  Learning to ignore some unpleasant things is a major emotional intelligence task. Where you focus and how you talk inside your head an important way to stay emotionally strong.  Anyway,some tips about  SSHL and hearing loss in general
Tip one:  SSHL  should be considered a medical emergency. A person who experiences a sudden loss of hearing  should visit a doctor immediately. With treatment, hearing may be recovered.  
I thought my hearing loss was related to a cold.  So much for self-diagnosis. I finally visited the doctor a week later and treatment was tried but failed.  
Tip two: If your hearing is fading, do not wait to get a hearing aid. I did and many do, but what happens is the longer you wait, the more word recognition fades and the less a hearing aid helps. One functioning ear is usually enough to hear most things, but both my ears had been declining in the ability to ferret out sounds and I now have a hearing aid but would hear better if I had bought one earlier.
Tip three: Save your money as hearing aids are very expensive and not covered by insurance unless you are so rich you can afford to buy one without insurance.  Buying mine meant giving up traveling for several years. 
Tip four: This one is for parents. Want your kids to learn a second language? Make it sign language. This will prepare them for the certain deafness many will experience from too loud rock bands and too loud volume on IPads. 
I have been trying to learn sign language and to teach it to my grands.  We can say enough to get food, water, find out where the bathroom is, and practice good manners.  

Once the grands started learning to talk, they lost interest in signing, but I keep at it as in time they may be the only people in the family who will pass me the potatoes when I want more.

Tip five: If you have a hearing aid or qualify for one, you probably also qualify for a Caption Phone. Mine was free, but as with all things now you have to pay a bit, but not if you prove how destitute you are. Currently Caption Phones have the same draw back as captioning on tv or at the movies.  Mainly phonetic spelling, but also a bit of a lag between what is said and what appears for your reading pleasure. Take my word for it, with all the problems captions are better than nothing. 


Life is full of pain and suffering. Fortunately for most of us, life is also full of beauty and pleasure.  Rating things particularly when bad things come your way helps you endure the bad.

What do I mean by rating?  Thinking about how things could be better or worse using a ten point scale. Ten – hell on earth, nine – life threatening; eight – very bad; seven – bad; six – not good; five – bearable; four – okay; three – good; two – very good; and one – the best that could be.

Many just use a three point scale, but I think ten points makes it harder to do what Albert Ellis called “Awfulizing” and what the sages call “Making mountains out of rat holes.”  

My deafness fluctuates between five and seven. Seven at first and then when I want to music back in my life or to hear what someone I care about is saying. Bearable most of the time and even okay or good occasionally.  

When is it okay? When David wants the radio on when I want to sleep is rates a four or someone is filibustering about something I am just not interested in hearing.  

Meanwhile, be grateful for all you have been given. smile as often as you can, laugh and play,  always remember what matters. 

As always, share and care what you find helps you get and stay emotionally strong.   I hope if you find my posts of value, you will  practice internet kindness liking, rating, commenting, or sharing.

Thank you for all you do and as always work to stay strong, not always easy, but worth while.


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