I rant against those who say “Believe and you shall receive?”  Such beliefs erode emotional fitness. Winners feel too special and can be prone to arrogance.  Many who do not meet gold metal goals take such loses as a personal failure.

The book The Secret set me off.  And yes, I know if you read the book they do preach other things.  And yes, I know many swear by it.  Still this universal mantra sets many off on paths to glory that end in a valley of darkness.  So I was happy to see this article.

Why Bronze Medalists Are Happier Than Silver Winners | The Thoughtful Animal, Scientific American Blog Network.

It lifts my heart to see so many Olympians enjoying their competitor’s great performance.  It dashes me down to see how defeat by a few seconds cast so many down.

I am also happy to see much of the TV advertizing for Olympic viewers, at least in the USA, promoting the idea that we are all winners.  Still more is needed.

What if training to be a star in any sport or competitive event required training in kindness first.  What if un-sportsman like behavior was truly punished? What if each team had a kindness coach who could bench players?

Now I am not foolish enough to think such efforts would ban all bullying or “winning is everything” behavior.   At the same time, I think it might make for a kinder a world.  It might help more people, kids in particular feel good about themselves.


Tip one: Spend some time each day thinking about what matters.

Tip two: Make an effort to be kinder and more caring toward others, particularly those you outside your usual circle of friends.

Tip three:  If pursuing a gold metal,  follow a passion, have a realistic goal, and concentrate on the journey, not the end.

Tip four: Do you best, but accept that the result is only partially up to you.

Tip five:  Practice forgiveness of less than gold medal behaviors, yours and others.

Tip six: Remember every day to treat yourself with kindness and caring.

Tip seven: Live in the now, but don’t neglect to plan for the future.


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