MY FIRST CAR  Taken after one of the hurricanes visiting the East Coast.  A station wagon because I was heavy into horses and could haul horsey stuff in this.  My next car was a TR3.  Powder blue and befitting a girl on her way out of her home town and into the wider world.  All this to tell you David, Punky the Pup, and I are heading by car to Atlanta to celebrate Passover with his 105 year old mother.  Our first son and his son will join us and we will then travel down to Florida for some sun and sand.  Don’t know if I will be posting until our return which will be somewhere around the 20th.  Off and on, I may be off and on. And as always I will be staying strong.

STAYING STRONG TIP  Every once in a while you need to take time off to be, instead of doing, doing, doing.  Shabbat is one way, but vacations are also important.

PRACTICING  KINDNESS ALSO KEEP YOU STRONG.  Be kind to me, share my  12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises. Grow strong and help me do the same.  



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