ODAT – June 10th – Holding on to Rationality (via D.O.C.’s Free Fiction Forum)

Emotional Fitness Training is all about thinking before acting. One of life’s hardest lessons. I am very reactive to criticism and must constantly ask “Me or another’s POV/” Sometimes is helps if I wonder which of us is delusional. Stay strong.

ODAT - June 10th - Holding on to Rationality June 10th.  P162 When a newcomer to Al-Anon tells his or her sponsor about the alcoholic conflict in the home, we must realize this is only one side of the story. At first these reports of our grievances are highly-colored and dramatized by our confusions.  A small incident may be blown up out of all proportion to it's reality; constant tension, anger and frustration have deprived us of a rational perspective. Growth in Al-Anon brings us to compa … Read More

via D.O.C.'s Free Fiction Forum

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