ODAT – June 6th (via D.O.C.’s Free Fiction Forum)

Having come from a family where you could see the alcoholism through the generations, I have been in the rooms. One of my therapists said, “When you know what I would say, it is time to stop coming.” As I was no longer living with alcoholism that seemed to work for me. The wisdom got planted in my heart. My Emotional Fitness Exercises were partly developed as 12 Stepping for those not involved with a chemical substance abuser and partly to try and lead some who were to the rooms. We all need a program of one sort or another. .

ODAT - June 6th Standard Disclaimer:  the text herein comes from the little blue book of Al-Anon.  If you wan to verify, look up your local AA or Al-Anon group, or go here and get yourself a copy.  But seriously, the work works if you work it. I'm doing this for me, for my wife, for our family and for our future.  By posting this material each morning, I hope to hold the ideals in my awareness, and start with the small steps that make a big journey. ODAT is the … Read More

via D.O.C.'s Free Fiction Forum

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