TOPIC DOWN, POST NUMBER 55    The topic switches Weekly Photo Challenge Topic changes today, but I am always a bit behind, so staying with down.  And yes, that is a recent picture of me.  A few more wrinkles and what you cannot see, a few more pains, a bit more of my brain gone.  “Where did I put my sun glasses?”

I was flamed this week on an email list by a woman a few months younger than my soon to be 75.  Her complaint was that I ended a note in which I had been critical of another poster by calling myself A Cranky Old Lady.  I did so to soften my criticism and in what I hoped would be a humorous way of saying “In my opinion only.  The woman who flamed me thought I was “pigeon holing her.”  Confession:  I thought the man was pigeon holing me. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t.  He ignored my post which criticized him directly.

Makes me wonder about gender differences, men seem better at dealing with criticism.  Well, aging wise and cranky me isn’t so sure about that.  Also not so sure it is a good thing.  My Old Man, doesn’t hear other people’s criticisms unless the other is yelling and red in the face angry.

Men are also known for walking out of supposedly happy marriages and leaving partners reeling.  One of the reasons I married my old man is that he tells it like it is, all the time every time.  Makes me cranky, but is way better than stuffing it and walking out because you never gave your partner a chance to make you happier.

Criticism gets us all down, but it has a purpose.  So does aging as this article notes.

The Purpose of Aging | MindAdventure.com  Here’s the main idea from a quote: “There is a reason for aging; it has a grand purpose. There’s more to aging than getting wrinkled skin and aching joints. With aging comes an increased ability to enjoy life at deeper levels than what’s offered in the vigor of youth.”

I hope, however that you will read all the article and that goes for everyone for we all are aging.

STAYING STRONG TIP    This one is about criticism.  Always ask yourself, “Is it me or the other.”  The woman who flamed me was have the problem with Cranky Old Lady.  I don’t.  Well, when Cranky Old Man calls me Cranky Old Lady in a fit of anger, it bothers me.  But most often not.  I own it.  Many people have names they call themselves that are ways of owning what others might see as pejorative.  And yes, many get angry if others use the same name.

Still my tip holds.  Is it your problem or the other person’s problem.

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