Emotional Fitness Training’s One Minute Meditation lets you vacate stress from your life. Of course, you have to learn the exercise and practice.

Instructions for a one minute meditation to improve your emotional fitness.

I only realized as I typed this that there is probably a connection between the words vacation and vacate.


I am an hyperactive.  Trying traditional meditations had me jumping out of my skin. I envy those who can sit quietly in the lotus position and bliss out. Still cannot do that. However, I can take little mini-vacations and they make a difference. It’s not magic. I can still stress out with the best, but I can also calm down faster and do what is called by some experts “improve the moment.”

Emotional fitness tips

Tip one:  Know yourself better.  Take this quick test to determine your activity level.  See how long you can stand at attention like those in the army are often required to do.  Head up and back, eyes straight ahead and unmoving, shoulders erect, hands  unclenched and at your side, tummy in, butt tucked under, legs straight and side by side, feet the same.  Breathe quietly.

Just typing the above started my skin crawling.  When I asked my students to do this little test,  many were quite comfortable and basically unmoving.  Some of these reported feeling no stress; while a smaller majority didn’t move, but were stressed.  An even smaller number could not stay unmoving.  While these might not carry a formal diagnosis of hyper activity, all did admit to not being able to use traditional meditation exercises.

The tip: it is what it is, your body is what it is, so no shame or frustrating thoughts. Do what I did, experiment. Thich Nah Hahn’s Peace in Every Step quided me.

Tip two: Add unobtrusive body movements when quiet is expected. You can hold one hand inside of the others, and move the fingers or press on your palm.  Doing so with a bit of rhythm adds value.

Tip three:  With a bit of practice you can visualize running or dancing while having to remain quiet. For some visualizing means seeing in your head; for others describing with words.

STay STrong

Now is a good time to think about weekend plans.  Father’s Day means Family Get Togethers.  Be sure to ask Dad what he wants the day to be like.  Some will want to sleep in, others play golf, some veg out on the couch as well as spending time with loved ones.   All special days should allow the person of note the right to dictate some of the events.


For all you do to practice kindness, keep at it; you are making the world a better place.



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