This WordPress Prompt Worldly Encounters  says “…recommend the one book, movie, or song that explains what humans are all about. What do you pick?”

Trick questions

Choice limiting questions diminish #emotionalintelligence.

Asking you to name just one thing is a choice limiting option and a tricky question.    I for one would not want anyone to base an idea about who I am or how I think on the basis of one book. Doing so encourages generalizing and a fallacious thinking.


Don’t worry too much about whether your thinking is fallacious when it comes to every day life. Do let these tips  guide  you in deciding you need to take time to make certain you are thinking clearly:

Emotional Intelligence Tip One:  A strong feelings always gets you in trouble. Anger is the big one here.

Emotional Intelligence Tip Two: A strong feeling keeps you from being all you could be. Fear, worry, shame,  guilt, sadness, and perfectionism are the big ones here.

Emotional Intelligence Tip Three: You are one hundred percent, absolutely convinced you know the truth about something, particularly right and wrong, good and bad. Righteous Indignation is a lure for Emotional Reasoning. 


Learning to think clearly and to catch yourself and others thinking emotionally rather than clearly takes time and practice.  Here’s a quick exercise that can improve your ability to think clearly:

Use all types of media to spot generalizations.  Here’s a quick one to think about: A celebrity touted as an expert. Think sports stars selling vitamins, celebrity parents selling advice. From being a star in one field, the media wants you to generalize to assuming the celebrity is an expert in another field.

When a strong emotion is visiting, thinking clearly is hard. Why practicing such exercises helps.  Emotional Fitness Training’s Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises are designed to calm and sooth as well as to remind you what matters.  Remembering what matters is one of EFT’s easy exercises. and is the subject of today’s free Emotional Fitness Poster Coach. 

Emotional Fitness Poster reminding you to Practice Kindness

As all the sages across all the ages and as today’s researchers know practicing kindness is the express lane to the good life.

EFTI’s poster coaches are free digital downloads designed to improve Emotional Intelligence. Best printed up in color on card stock. they can be posted almost anywhere. Their intended audience? Anyone who wants to improve their emotional fitness or anyone else’s emotional intelligence. Parents, teachers, therapists, coaches, fitness trainers, school guidance counselors, preachers, and non-preachers.

As always thank you for all you do to Practice Kindness, a major emotional intelligence boosting practice. Liking, commenting, or sharing any social media you find helpful is one way to be kind. It may seem like a little, however, doing a little matters a lot.





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