Oprah Took Me Down

My big chance at fame had arrived – an appearance on Oprah as a guest expert. What could go wrong?  Plenty. Watch this video and watch Oprah put me down.

I am not the young teen, but the middle aged “Expert in the Audience” wearing a too tight blue dress and towering above Oprah.

Not that my ongoing rant against Oprah has much to do with the fact that I failed my audition, my chance to move up to expert in the chair. Well, maybe that fuels my ranting a bit.

But here’s the more potent ammunition for my ranting, one of Oprah’s many famous quotes: “If I made it, anyone can.”

Bah humbug for that is a big fat lie. Moreover it is the one most publized on all the media and not to motivate you, but to sell something.  “Just do it” may inspire the talented, but wastes the energy of those with none. Think of all  the wannabe’s, the hopefuls lined up for a American Idol tryout.

Success depends not just on dreaming big or working hard. Talent, cash for one’s daily needs, cash for training, cash for publicity, being the right person at the right time in the right place are also in the mix of everyone’s success story.

Oprah has talent, no doubt about that. She is an amazing woman and that should be honored. She is also self-made and that should be honored. However, she has had a bit of luck on her staircase to Stardom.  Not only is she one smart woman; she is verbally talented and has a feel for people and what people want. Then there is the fact that despite the hardships of her childhood, she had people who nurtured her and believed in her.  She was born at the right time for African Americans to get a half way decent education and the right time to break into the media business.  Those were gifts of luck and as the song says you need “…a little bit of luck …” to get where you are going.

Okay, Oprah has not recently said every one can do what she has done. Or at least from what I have read and heard. Maybe, she has finally realized not everyone can pull themselves up by their boot straps when the boots are on someone else. I admire her for not pushing that belief today,  but wish she and other successes would talk a bit more about the luck factor.

Now that is a tricky business.  Those who believe in Karma venerate fate or what I call luck. Many have used Karma to divide people into worthy and unworthy which allows some to be cast outside the circle of care.  Not useful if the world is to find peace on earth.

Also tricky because to find success you need a bit of hope to pursue your dreams and thinking every one can “Just do it” builds hope in many.  Still you must have been  gifted with a talent that fits with the needs of your culture, you need to live in safely and have enough to eat, you need drive, and an ability to get up when life pushes you down. Those are part of what I mean as luck.

What to do? Remember what matters; reality check your talent; reality check your resources, and pray for luck.

Just think if I had been shorter than Oprah, I might have made it on to her stage. I never would have been a Dr. Phil, but maybe, just maybe my books would have been more successful.  Luck was not with me on that one.  So life goes.

Still, I have had more success than most and heaps more satisfaction with my life. For spreading the word about #emotional fitness and providing practical ways to improve it,  I am sharing knowledge and practicing kindness.  I have part lived my mission – sharing, caring and practicing kindness.  And yes, not always, but most of the time. So how can I ask for anything more?

Okay, we all can ask for more, but as the Irish say “Enough is a feast” and as Emotional Fitness Training, Inc preaches “Be grateful for all you have been given.”

This post was inspired by the Word Presses weekly writing challenge  Three Ways to Go Gonzo  I didn’t know Gonzo meant writing an opinion piece from your passions disputing every day myths. I am a Gonzoian as well as a Contrary Kat and Cranky Old Lady. Who knew?  I didn’t.


Not everyone  can be a media star or make buckets of money.  Still everyone can become an Emotional Fitness Star. How? By strengthening their #EmotionalIntelligence,  something I have had to do all my life but also something  all need to do. Try these Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises to start improving your #emotionalhealth now.

Remember what matters, practice kindness, laugh and play, forgive, and be grateful for all you have been given.

Thank you for all you do, particularly for liking or sharing EFTI’s ideas about staying emotionally strong. Your help might make my dreams come true. Every like or comment helps.




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