WHY THIS:  Good news: More and more people are following me on my various social media sites.  Bad news: I am getting overwhelmed.  So I have decided on a new response pattern. If you don’t scratch my back, I don’t scratch yours. Yes, that sounds like my Cranky Old Lady self, and it is.  In fact, I made a Cranky Old Lady Poster and pinned it.  You don’t have to go there for here it is.

Enough said. Not quite so read on.

When I am checking out my social media stuff, I always try to like some, share or pin some, press some.  I try to make sure I do at least five likes before I put up one of my posts or pins. I haven’t figured out the ratio for pins–but today, I think I pinned at least five things that supported other people’s blogs. I promoted two Facebook items with Share. I made one of those into a blog on my Parents Are People Too Blog and pushed the Fresh Press button on three social media items.  These will become blogs in time.

Many of you acknowledge my efforts.  Just as many ignore, even when I am actively promoting you blog. GRRRRR. Bad manners. Makes me want to scream “I’m not going to take it anymore.”  And I am not. I am no longer going to support unmannerly  bloggers.  My Cranky Old Lady says I should keep a list and out their names; not invested in doing that.

I will do a three strikes out thing before taking action.  First strike, I forgive or ignore. Second strike, I get Cranky, third strike I will call you out, but give you another opportunity. I  send you my Cranky Old Lady post.  Ignore me then and you are off my team.  Even a thoughtful negative comment has value and if you can’t like me, you can tell me why and I will keep you on my team.

So be on notice. If I actively support and push your blog and you don’t even go there and like me or comment, I will not longer scratch your back.  Hubbie says I am one of the world’s best back scratchers.

Not included in my rant, but I will share it here. If you want me to comment or follow you.  Make it very easy. I am no long giving anyone more than my name and email to comment, like or follow.  You can ask more when I want to buy from you, but I’m old, don’t have a lot of time left, and have a dwindling limited income. So KISS me, if you want a like, kiss, or follow.

I found out today, you can’t like a pin without registering. Sigh.


Tip one: This rant is really to suggest thinking about what matters, one of my Emotional Fitness Training 12 Daily Exercises.   The world depends on caring and supporting, not just our families or outside friends, but those outside in the broader world. Moreover, all the studies show that most people who travel a sharing, caring road reach the end more contented than those who only pursue their own desires.

Tip two: If you want only to follow your own interests, you still need to work particularly hard at supporting your fellow bloggers. It is the single most important first step to blogging success. If you are just starting out and others you don’t know support them back. Minimally, thank them.

Tip three:  I end all my posts with this one. Practice Kindness, another of my 12  Exercises.  It relates to the first, but as I note when I end a post:

 If you know someone who might profit from this post, share it.  Three people will benefit.  The person you shared with, you and me.  Sharing is caring, caring is kindness, and  kindness circles back.

Tip four: Practice gratitude.  This is another of my 12 Daily Exercises.  So let me thank the people who have supported me in so many ways. Most of you know who you are. Many you were or have become treasured friends.  Others of you offer support more randomly though and I am grateful.  Thank you.

As the Irish proverb notes, “Enough is a feast.” I feast, but I would like a nice dessert or two on my down hill journey.



  1. True… we are all overwhelmed and some of us with health matters to contend with… I’m not on Pinterest and sadly won’t be able to like your pins. The other thing I’d suggest is to let folks know when you’ve done something because notifications rarely go out on some social media sites. But I’m on your side on this.
    Since my time is constrained, I use the photo challenge as a way to connect with everyone; including new bloggers. Every weekend, I like over 200-300 blogs and comment on many others… The response varies from week to week but I can assure you that many don’t even bother to reciprocate. I don’ t take it personally but consider it their loss if they choose to not connect… Maybe some folk don’t get the whole point of blogging after all.. Peace! 😆

    • Because if I have any chance of adding to my steadily decreasing income, it is by sales of my Ebooks, I am a bit more cut-throat about wanting people to scratch my back, when I scratch theirs. You do that well. If I actively promote someone by a pin or a tweet or a facebook like, I add a tit for tat request. Seems to be working fairly well.

      Stay strong. I don’t see how you do such lovely blogs every day. You are a wonder.

      • I am trying very hard to keep posts under 1000 words but still with useful information. Not easy.

        My reblogging isn’t working as I would like to have some reblogs as posts. And I haven’t figured out what is wrong.

        Also am going to start using guest posts. Slowly but surely stream lining, hard work and if my age didn’t make me feel more presured, I wouldn’t be so motivated.

        As I type this I realize I want to use some of your work. Did you see what I did with Chris’s Burning Bridges Blog today? Okay if I do some of the same with yours?

        Staying strong as I know you are.


  2. Darling Katherine – just to let you know you are my FITFS hero for today. As you know each Friday I post on my heroes and today you are it. Some people reblog it to their own site so their regular readers can also share in the fun. Thank you! Thank you! for being exactly where you are doing exactly what you do!

      • I understand. I am so over my head, I am only getting air from one nostril. What I like about Pinterest is that once you master it three things happen. You learn so much you didn’t know. Amazing people out there so many tips and treats. Second, it makes sharing and caring easier. Third, it stays alive and out there which our blog posts don’t do.

        Love you and thank you so much for your support and kind words.

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