Blow your stack at times.  Think that makes you an emotional abuser, might, might not.  As noted in the link below:

“While the definition of emotional abuse is often complex and imprecise, professionals agree that, for most parents, occasional negative attitudes or actions are not considered emotional abuse. Even the best of parents have occasions when they have momentarily “lost control” and said hurtful things to their children, failed to give them the attention they wanted or unintentionally scared them.

What is truly harmful, according to James Garbarino, a national expert on emotional abuse, is the persistent, chronic pattern that “erodes and corrodes a child” (1994). Many experts concur that emotional abuse is typically not an isolated incident.”

via Emotional Abuse.

Never praising and ignoring can sometimes be more devastating than blowing your top.  On going uncaring behavior whatever its form is emotional abuse.  It is  rarely reported as abuse, but destructive never the less.  If you can’t express your love, don’t praise your child more often than you criticize,  help.  You and your child deserve a better relationship.

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