When David coached Soccer League, one year we won lots and that put us in a higher league.  That meant we lost lots.  In order the have some fun, we had an end of season picnic and a parents against child “fun” game.  Too many of the grown-ups couldn’t play for “fun.”  A lesson learned.  We held no other parent/kid games.

Now I believe in handicapping.  Find some fun thing that will equalize the teams.  Make the grownups play in burlap bags or tied together for three legged running and kicking.   As this article points out, sports are for  fun and sports are for exercise.  Sports with too great an emphasis on winning are damaging.  Often it is not just a child’s physical body, but also his or her emotional health that suffers.   Real life is about cooperation, not competion.

Personal Health – The Breaking Point for Children in Sports –


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