Freedom? What Does It Mean?

What does freedom mean to you? What enslaves you today?

All are not free or restrained in one way for another. Children are restrained, but hopefully not oppressed. Employees are restrained but have some choice. Old age has restrained me, and some days feels like oppression. Chronic illnesses and handicaps restrain. Nike and Oprah’s saying “Just do it.” do not help those restrained in one way or another.

What to do? The best you can with what you have been given and where you are at the moment. Sometimes the best means pulling the covers over your head as you crying helplessly.  Other times you might be able to put on a happy face and manage to do what needs doing. And hopefully, at times the happy face is genuine and you do all you want to do.

Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Fitness both emphasize choice. Both also emphasize facing reality. The two must go hand in hand.  If all you can do at one time is crying helplessly that is the reality of the moment. Just do it. Then when you can do more just do that. When your happy face is genuine be grateful and do your things. 


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These links are for those not familiar with Emotional Intelligence or the idea of Emotional Fitness.



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