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I know not the full identity of the higher power or powers above and around us.  I do know that love of all creation is the light  shine on, in, around us, and leads us to peace.  Search within and you will find it without.

For all you have given me, thank you, you light is brightenind my world.



      • Katherine,
        You are most welcome (though I am extremely late in replying….I am still figuring out how this site “thinks”). I hope you had a joyful holiday season!
        I do have a question: I would REALLY like to have a copy of my own to “carry with me” the “Daily 12 Emotional Fitness” e-book, but for the LIFE of me, I can NOT figure out how I can make it “travel” to my Kindle….or even how to print it. Anger is a MAJOR issue I am dealing with at the moment, and I am not currently under the “watch” of either a Psych Med Dr. or a Therapist (I am Bi-Polar, have Social Anxiety and a handful of other issues regarding Mental Health, as WELL as several Medical Conditions that often “irritate” the Mental Issues….
        IS there a way I can get this awesome set of exercises to “carry”….and so my wonderful Hubby/24/7/365 Care-Giver can also read it *(and likely remind me over and over to “refer to your exercise”…but I have made an absolute Resolution for 2013, I call it my “Great Attitude Adjustment Resolution”.
        Simply put, I was raised more “cock-eyed” than I ever realized: I never REALLY learned the “skills” to be an ADULT in all ways, and also have a very difficult time “letting go” of the bad experiences in my childhood, and it almost caused me and my hubby to divorce….ironically (NOT!) just before our 10 year Wedding Anniversary this last summer. Luckily, we managed to “patch things” and I am currently “limping along” trying to figure out how to BE all the things I never learned…a “Responsible” Adult in all areas, how to better handle my relationships and the “ups and downs” that all relationships come with…
        And most importantly, I discovered that “deep down inside myself, I did not TRULY love MYSELF…or ALLOW myself to, and that I had essentially NO CLUE how to go about “Learning how to love myself—before I can TRULY love anyone else…completely.” I have been reading your posts (as my health allows me to) and though most of your books are geared towards kids and Parents, I am most likely going to end up purchasing all of them, as they all seem to “speak” to me in one way or another — even the topics like “….Good Kids do Drugs/Alcohol” {which growing up with a RAGING DRUNK for a Mother as well as all of the other members on her side of the family TOTALLY turned me off alcohol….and being an “80’s” child, I grew up with the “DARE” program, and so that helped me see drugs as “nasty and wrong”.}
        I apologize for the long winded “note”, but from the first time I “stumbled” on you, I have been drawn to your….essentially “Earth Mother” and common sense approach to Emotional Health, so I kinda got “carried away” sharing with you. But I also want to THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for putting your knowledge “out here” to help others. You are a true Angel (or whatever “GOOD” figure you believe in…!)

        Blessings to you & to those you love &
        Jenn Prescott

      • Namaste back. And sigh. Life when it is good is hard enough, when you live trauma which I hear you did, it leaves you struggling more than you need. Send me your email address to [email protected] and include your home address. I will send you one of my remaining Parents Are People Too paperback books and will print up the twelve exercises for you. If you can put a review on Amazon for any of my books on Amazon it will help immensely.

        For now, self talk and automatic thoughts are the barrier to self-love. So find a quick slogan based on “I do the best I can and it is good enough”. Maybe even breaking that into two slogans and repeating them to your self every time your improperly programmed brain says otherwise. Also feel free to yell at those voices
        “Liar, liar” repeat them when not being yelled at.

        Finally, the thing about anger it is trying to protect you from hurt, but by getting you to fight. Try very hard to never do anything while anger is directing you. I couldn’t always and still cannot stop my mouth from running all the time, but practice has helped. If at all possible go somewhere out of range until you are calm and then think about what anger why anger thinks you need protecting. It is usually from being hurt, or afraid you will be hurt. I suspect the hook for you might be those negatived voices who hurt so much in the past.

        Good luck. It takes time and work, but feeling better is possible

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