Playing Around in a Roundabout Way (via Simone Benedict’s Blog)

A blog from someone who knows the importance of play and sad encounters a few who don’t get it. Transactional Analsis — probably best remembered as the I am Okay, You’re Okay people–divided the human psychic into five parts –Critical Parent and Nuturing Parent; Adult, Adapted Child and Free Child. In this world too many forget to nurture or to play. Sad. Thank you Simone for this.

Playing Around in a Roundabout Way image wikiepadia                 When I left the Kansas prairie and headed for the big city, I discovered my first roundabout. I found driving the inner lane of the roundabout delightful. I made many laps. It reminded me of driving the tractor around in circles all day in a field. Except on a roundabout I could go faster and make tighter turns. One evening as I was playing my vehicle version of tilt-a-whirl on the roundabout, I saw red lights in … Read More

via Simone Benedict's Blog

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