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A Country called Grief

They tell you that grief

is a staircase that

you must climb

and never miss a step.

They tell you that grief is a process

and that it has

stages – each of which you

must move through,

some taking longer than others.

But let me tell you, friend,

that grief is a country

with its own national anthem.

A country with

mountains so steep you know

that you will

never reach the top.

With valleys so deep

and shadowed that

you often fear for your life.

It is a country where others

roam, as wounded and

burdened as you.

Where, sometimes,

for a moment, you  can lean on

each other or sit and hold

hands while you both weep and

catch your breath.

Grief is a country

that once you have been

a traveler there,

haunts you forever.

Someone will speak of their

time along the banks of one

of its rivers,

or share the memory

of a flower they discovered

there, they will tell you

of a cave they discovered or

a tree they climbed,

and just like that,

you are back with the sights

and smells of your own sojourn there.

You hear someone hum a bar

of the anthem and all that

helplessness lives

within you once again.

Grief, my friend

is not a set of steps or stages

it is not a processing of your

thoughts and feelings.

It is a country and

those who have traveled

its roads  and walked

its fields;

who have browsed

its museums and seen

its artifacts,

recognize its landscape!

~ Joss Burnel

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