Poster Coach Tool Kits Coming Soon to Help Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

EFTI’s goal for the year has been to add products that build some income. Our business motto is “Make Money Doing Good.” Many assure us we do good and we are grateful for that. But if EFTI is going to be sustained come the future, we will need to make money as well.  Why, we are building a store and working to sell not just eBooks, but Poster Coach Tool Kits.

Each tool kit will contain an eBook focused on the basics needed to use tool kits, plus three or more Poster Coaches and handouts designed to coach your efforts to get or stay emotionally fit.

Here is  sample Poster Coach.  This one provides slogans related to EFT’s 12 Daily Exercises. If you follow EFT’s blog you see lots of Poster Coaches. You use them as a coach, by printing them up on cardstock and posting them where you well see them through out your day. Just like a face-to-face coach a poster coach inspires, teaches, and motivates you to practice the skills needed to stay strong.

Staying strong

Here is another one, this serves to teach  people what Emotional Fitness Training is all about.


Thank you for all you do to support EFTI. Watch for updates as we move ahead with the EFTI store.

Katherine, founder of EFTI, current CEO, and Jill of almost all that is done here.

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