A humorous but also a sad look at the failure of keeping kids happy and thinking they can have it all.

5 Ways We Ruined the Occupy Wall Street Generation | Cracked.com.

How can you use this?

As a parent of a young child BEWARE.  You job is with love and firmness, to teach children to control unacceptable behaviors.  That means enduring negative feelings and abiding by reasonable rules.

As a teacher of adolescents?   Particularly from middle school, hold a discussion in history class about how one generation shapes another.  Our forefathers preached hard work, charity and morality and created a great nation.  Since the publication of Parent Effectiveness Training and Teacher Effectiveness Training,  we have taught to understanding feelings, and hope life will proper behavior.  Does not work.  Parents  must start the job; teachers need to finish it.

As a boss? Give this to any employee who needs disciplining and spell out your job expectations.  Work is called work because you must do it to earn a pay check.  Think of holding a staff meeting using this as basis for a training.  Start with bosses and managers and then hold one for all staff.

Good luck, reward my work by caring, liking, and sharing.  Helps keep my strong.

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