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Because I am trying to be a business woman as well as a caring person, I read lots of business stuff.  This one didn’t tell me anything I hadn’t learned as a parent, foster parent, therapist, teacher, boss and yes, even a little in graduate school and various trainings, but did help pull some of it together.

The heart of what he is saying is that if you are an expert on a subject, your teaching or training often goes over the head of those trying to acquire your knowledge.  He suggests experts do better in  demonstrating the knowledge by partnering with a non-expert who will “pepper the expert”” with questions is a better way.

I found his approach similar to the use of various consumer advocates in the mental health field. I partnered with parent advocates in creating my Challenging Children Curriculum.  In is now one of the most popular courses in NYC, particularly among parents forced into parenting classes by the child welfare agencies.  (Warning self-promotion: I will be revising and selling this as an on-line course. My recently published free offering on discipline is part of that course.  Contact me if you would like a copy.)

In teaching, having the bright students in class help teach the “less bright” students helped both learn more, faster. Finally, one of my favorite parent gurus, Thomas W. Phelan, PhD of One, Two, Three Magic--says parents talk too much, explain too much and at a level kids don’t get because the think children are small adults.

Here’s the article

Best Approach to Training – Richard Catrambone – Harvard Business Review.

Also need to say I have seen a trend at least in the Harvard Business Review brokering for more caring.  So maybe the big world of business will come around to understanding caring needs to come first.  I hope so.

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