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Do you know the story of your name and how it influenced you? Self-awareness is a factor in Emotional Intelligence. Knowing the story of your name increases your self-awareness and your Emotional Intelligence.

Your name is part of your identity, how others think of you, what your parents were thinking when they named you, what it means to you. I know for I have spent my life dealing l with the many names I am called. I joke and say “Just do not call me late for dinner.” Excluding nasty names, here are my various names:

First: Katherine Vaughan Gordy.  The story behind it;. My mother’s name was Katharine Vaughan Broomall before she married my father John D. Gordy. Mom was called Kitty by most people, most of her life. She yearned to be called Vaughan. Hence Vaughan became my middle name and was what I was called throughout my childhood, in school, and in college.

Why did I hate Vaughan. Mainly because people didn’t get it. I was constantly having to say “No, not  Dawn, not Shawn, Vawn with a V. Moreover no one spelled it correctly, and finally, it was best known as a man’s name, Think “Vaughn Monroe” a popular singer way back when.

My father sang the song KKKKatie, beautiful Katie to me. Katie holds fond memories, but no one else has called me that. Nor would I like anyone to call me Katie. It belongs to my father and me.

In Graduate School I became Kathy Gordy . That was the name someone put on my name tag during a Getting to Know You Meeting. I did not really like, Kathy as it sounded like a little girl. But it was better than Vaughan. People who knew me from then own called me variations of Katherine. I use Katherine Vaughan Gordy until I married. Then my professional name became  Katherine Gordy Levine.

At shul and with my Jewish friends who are observant, I am Dahlia, a daughter of Sarah.  Nnow, having fully researched the Hebrew connection to Dahlia, I am dropping the h. Feels more authentically Hebrew to me.

Confusing? Not really. I can identify people’s place in my life by the names they call me. And I am me no matter who calls me what.

Emotional Fitness Training Exercise

Do you know the story of your name? Do you know why it was given to you? What it means?  Have you wanted to change it. Why and did you? Are you pleased with it?

Thank you for all you do.

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