Jacob Needleman’s Blog » Thoughts on Tucson: the Crisis of Civility.

Seventy or so years ago, signs were not needed to remind the  young to offer a seat on a bus or train to any adult, let alone someone with gray hair.  Even as a three year old, I was made to get up when a grown up needed a seat.   When the signs first appeared no one under fifty would sit in those seats.  No need to ask someone to give you a seat.  Then if you were old and stood in front of a young person and caught their eye they would get up. The next step you could ask and the person would apologize and let you sit.  Now if you ask the young they keep playing with their IPods and act as if you are invisible. Yesterday, I saw a mother sitting quietly next to a teen age son chatting with him and avoiding looking at the elderly swaying haphazardly in the subway.  I said nothing, but am trying to figure out how to turn the tide.  I am not weak enough to really need to sit and often prefer to stand, nevetheless, think kindness needs encouraging.

I blame the media culture and poor parenting advice for the decline in caring.  I wonder what today’s kids will do when they are geezers.  Won’t be around to see, but it should be interesting.   Stay strong.

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