Breathe in, focus, hold, breathe out, say “Ahhhhh” and “Thank You.”

Practicing gratitude is a major pathway to living strong.  This long weekend ends with Memorial Day.  too many are only grateful for an extra day to play.  Nice but not the point.

Some deserve our gratitude every day, all day for they risk their lives to save our freedom.   When I lived in New York, just walking through the busier subway stations provided me with the opportunity to thank a soldier.  My words were always appreciated, and only increased my gratitude.

No matter what your thoughts about war and whether the ones we have fought were just wars, no matter your political persuasion, take time this day and every day you can to thank those who fought believing in the need to protect our liberty.

This second picture captures six of the tribute tiles.  What struck me about this group was the number of wars needed to preserve freedom just in my lifetime.  From World War II right up to the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the right to live one’s  beliefs safely has been under attack.

Many believe other forces have been at work.  I agree, for power-hunger and greed lie at the heart of every aggressive war.  Do not, however, forget that those most invested in seeking or maintaining power cannot tolerate freedom of belief.

Any country that silences dissent imposes tyranny.  Flags are  burnt, bibles burnt, Korans burnt as these cries of outrage.  We may not agree with each individual cry, but we must permit each if liberty is to be preserved.

We must also stand strong against killing another because they read Torah or the Bible or the Koran or philosophy or dress in ways we think too provocative or make jokes we find offensive  Those of us who are free enough to speak, need to raise our voices for the silenced. The uprisings can only end well for the world, if freedom of expression is one of the outcomes.

Stay strong, care, share,  fight oppression.  Be grateful there are those willing to take up arms for liberty’s defense.

IMAGE by me: Both pictures were taken  at Civic Green Park, Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  I walk past it when I walk to the library.  I pass through the tributes to those who have fought in the many wars defending freedom. My heart always swells with gratitude.  This post is  another small expression of those men and women who stand strong in defense of liberty. It will be reposted tomorrow.  


  1. On this Memorial Day we must recognize and appreciate that well over a mllion Amnericans have died in wars defending the values which have made this country the free, prosperous and decent country that it is. Now those noble defenders of the Constitution and Bill of Rights will have died in vain if the America haters who have all the benefits of those documents use those freedoms to undermine the very freedoms those documents espouse and guarantee. I pray that the traitors among us are exposed and that Americans awake to the profound dangers facing us and elect a defender of our values and not an apologiser and promoter of those whose would like to destroy us. Have pride in who we are and what we have accomplished for the world. Think.

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