Predicting the future? Ha.

#EmotionalIntelligence gurus say focus on what you control. You do not control the future, still you have some control over some stuff — your job might be one.

Emotional intelligence laugh about getting stuck where you are.

Emotional fitness thoughts

When it comes to controlling what you can, the difficulty lies in knowing exactly what you do control.  If you need your job and can’t find a better one, you are left with controlling your feelings about your job.

Lucky you if your job doesn’t have you yelling like a Savage Chicken. Unlucky you of the only thing you like about your job is the paycheck and you can find mega faults with how and what you are paid. If that is you, you need to strengthen your emotional intelligence. Hopefully these tips will help.


Emotional Fitness Training and our emotional fitness tips are  about strengthening your emotional intelligence.

Tip one: Examine the twisted thinking attached to your feelings about your job.  By twisted thinking, I mean how our wants tangle our thoughts about what is and what should be. The following questions untwist thinking about work.

Is the goal bar raised too high? Definitely, at least in the Western World. What do I mean?

A job is called a job because you get paid to do it.  However, in the Western World and among the well off in the rest of the world, jobs are expected to lead to health, wealth, and happiness – oo great an expectation.  In much of the world, a job is a way to meet your basic survival needs. So expecting a job to be your major source of happiness is raising the goal post much to high.

Tip two: While you cannot expect a job to be your source of happiness, you can use attitude adjustment to make it less burdensome.  How? Add value to your job by taking satisfaction in being competent and worthy of your pay.

Tip three: While you should take pleasure in a job well done, you don’t have to be the perfect employee. desperately seeking perfection is another example of twisted thinking.

Tip four: Take advantage of any perks attached to your job. Some I have found on the jobs that I wasn’t so happy with?

  1. Learning – formal or informal lessons from those working with me. Even the boss I hated had something to teach me.  And the tech guys taught me how to become computer proficient. Loved them.
  2. Friendships – Not everyone you work with is someone you want to cozy up to; but in most jobs you can find one or two people you enjoy seeing, talking to, maybe joining for coffee breaks or lunch.
  3. Contacts for a better job.  Befriend the people you serve in the same industry or even at your current job.  Carefully let the ones you trust know you are ready to step up to another level.  Don’t keep your boss in the dark when it comes to ambition AND show a readiness to hear what he or she thinks you need to do to move ahead.
  4. Mega opportunity to practice any or all of Emotional Fitness Training’s Twelve Easy Exercises.  You can get a quick introduction to four of the exercises here.

Tip five:  Make a conscious decision about staying or leaving. This means examining both your goals.  Your goals are about where you want to be and when.  A goal to spend more time with those you love might well mean just staying with the job you have at the moment.  Setting realistic goals that align with a well thought our mission is another key to improving your emotional intelligence and yes, EFTI has a book detailing how to find your mission and set SMART goals. 

My mission is to share knowledge and my goal is to make a bit of money doing so. The sharing is more important which is why most of my books cost less than a Starbuck’s latte and much less than renting a DVD.  Moreover, you can get the EFTI posters as a free digital download.


Curious about all Twelve Emotional Fitness Training’s exercises. Here an EFTI

Poster Coach that lists them all.

Liar of twelve easy emotional fitness exersise designed to improve you #emotionalintelligence.

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This post was sparked by the following Daily Prompt: Predictions: There are 344 days remaining in the year. Describe what you’d like to be doing on day 211. (Hint: that’s July 30th.)  My prediction? As discussed above I don’t believe in predictions as they are an effort to control the future.  I think of hopes, not predictions.

My hopes for July 30th, 2014?  Staying alive and still having a brain that lets me write, post, and blog. The Emotional Fitness Skill Building Series finished and published. A bit of money coming in from Emotional Fitness. And it might be a day when my Grands will be visiting. Can’t and won’t ask “…for any thing more.”



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