Profound Or Twisted Thinking – One Big Tip

Quotes about opinion vs facts

The One Big Emotional Fitness Tip: Exchange truth for opinion. 

Yes, there are what some call “Brute facts.” These, however, are not necessarily scientific truths. Think of the solid paths we walk across  without thought:  floors, cement, hard packed dirt, rocky cliffs. What seems solid might be anything and could in a second cast you down, cover you with lava, or pull you into a pit of sand.

Spend sometime training yourself to ask “fact or opinion?” Social media or any advertisement are good places to start.

The stronger your opinion, the more likely it is only partially true.

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  1. I have read those few lines several times and all I can say at this moment is that you made me think. I like that part. For some unfounded reason as of yet not revealed to me, I am uneasy with the format/layout (?) of this site. I don’t like this part.This is also making me think about why I am feeling so judgmental.
    Thank you for thought provoking ideas.

    • Thank you for commenting. Happy I made you think. If you can figure out what you do not like about the layout, let me know. I am trying to upgrade it and not yet happy myself. All views help.

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