Indulge me, play.

TOPIC #57 INDULGE  Those of you who follow me on Twitter know my ceiling was threatening to fall in right over my desk.  Had to move much and was not on the computer, so missed some days of posting.  Ah well.

Knowing we were going to be down in one area we intensifed our search for a puppy.  No way Whisper can be replaced, but a new love can be added.  His name was Pumkin, but that seemed too sweet for a feisty young male Yorkie and Schnauzer mix. So we have remamed him Punky Levine.

Allergies in his former owner’s family made him available.  I suspect a bit more was going on.  Something of a dominance challenge with a son who made Punky shy of being touched near his hind quarters.  He was very bonded to the mother in the home and has bonded quickly to me.  He is house broken,  which was one of our requirements; is active, but not mean. will chew some things, but that does not seem to be a major problem.  He doesn’t walk on a leash well, wants to play tug-a-war all the time., so some basic training is on the schedule.

He is very  playful, likes to be in your lap, on the furniture and has adjusted enough that slept with us last night and David wasn’t up all night as he was first night here.  David insists dogs belong in bed with their owners.  Once when we were dog sitters, I counted seven dogs and finally left for the couch.

In the picture, Punky is saying “Indulge me. Play ball with me.” If you look closely you can see the small yellow ball in his mouth.

The big question will be he and the Grands, so we took him with the understanding if that doesn’t work out there, he will have to go back to his original owners.   So keep good thoughts.

He is a bit like Grand Ben.  He is what the developmental theorists would call “slow to warm up”.  Shy at first, cautious, but once he decides you are a friend, turns into  a love bug.

Hoping it works out, for my heart will hurt if we have to return him, but first things first and we have to know he and the Grands will get along.

AN EMOTIONAL FITNESS STAYING STRONG TIP: Read your audience, know yourself.  I trust quickly, give my heart away, and can be badly hurt.  Fortunately, not hurt too often, but there are people in the world who take advantage.  Others are so shy, they miss out on some wonderful relationships.  I think Grand Ben and Punky Puppy probably hit the middle of the road.  As someone said recently, Lend your heart first, so you can take it back if need be.

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