Rating Your Choices, An Emotional Fitness Exercise

We cannot choose everything,  but wise choices improve the chances of living the good life.  

Blog post about making difficult choices easier.

 Make better decisions  on the big issues by using a rating scale.

Anything can be rated

Rating scale poster

Rating scales start with a Yes or No, then can become a three-point scale – Bad, Okay, Good, and so on upward.

EFT prefers a ten-point scale as it gives some nuance, but does not overwhelm.


As you go about today, try rating what is happening. For simple things use the three-point scale, for more complex decisions use this ten-point scale.

Rating scale example

Parenting tip 

Children can be taught rating scales beginning with rating hurts. Small hurt, crying hurt, big big hurt.  See this parenting blog post for more about teaching children the art of rating things. Doing so strengthens their Emotional Intelligence and makes your life easier. 


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