REALITY CHECK: 13.9 million unemployed; 55,000 new jobs last month

HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL WAKES UP.  TIME YOU DID.  You the people need to read this article, review our nations many fiscal policies, and push those in power to do the same.  We need new ways to care, to share, and to find meaning in our lives as well as just a job. We also need to assure those without jobs are cared for decently and with dignity.

Seven Problems a Recovery Won’t Fix – Umair Haque – Harvard Business Review.

Remember the unemployment rate only counts those receiving unemployment benefits.

Twenty four percent of the available jobs last month were of the MacDonald’s type.  Work is work and MacDonald’s offers honorable work. That is not the point.  The stigma attached to various jobs and the status attached to jobs as well as the building of false expectatons.  We tie jobs to unrealistic dreams.  I raised my children in a rich ghetto outside of New York City.  Three quarter of their friends are still trying to be rock stars. This as they push forty. Don’t know if they are happy, but from some reports the answer is “No.”

One of my sons dreamed of being Keith Hernandez former first baseman for the NY Mets.  When he turned twelve, this son grasped reality.  “Mom there are only something like 600 major league baseball jobs available.  No matter how hard I practice, I’m not going to become one.” Here are the number of paid baseball players according to Wikipeida.  You do the math, there are 30 major league baseball teams.

Each Major League Baseball team maintains both a 25-man roster and a 40-man roster of players. Players on the 25-man roster are eligible to play in official major league games throughout the season. The 40-man roster includes the players on the 25-man roster plus as many as 15 players who are either on the team’s 15-day disabled list (see below) or who are in the team’s minor league system. From September 1 through the end of the regular season, any player on the 40-man roster (also referred to as the “expanded roster”) is eligible to play in an official regular season game. Many young players make their Major League debuts in this way, as “September call-ups

To become a media type star,  you need lots of luck and in today’s world generally lots of money to get the training and coaching even when you have a mega talent.  Tiger Wood’s parents didn’t have much money; Tiger had the talent and his father the knowledge to be his coach.  Tiger started playing golf from the time he could walk.  Moreover, Tiger’s father  had connections to the golf world.  Connections matter as does being born to a famous father.  Most of today’s movie stars are the children of movie people.  Nepotism pays.  That applies in  some unions also.  Generations of New York City Firemen and Police are proof of that money pudding;  it has taken much effort to open those jobs to outsiders.  It is human nature to do all you can for your family, that is human nature.

Not really my point.  My point is that we need to redefine the meaning of success and that means redefining our ideas about who is a STAR.    It is not what job you have, or if you have a job.  As Albert Einstein said “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

Something Tiger forgot as have the many headliners who have recently become “successes”  only to break public trust.

One step is to redefine star.   I preached and still do that we STAR in our lives if we:


Acting responsibly means acting within the golden rule and not just for your G-d, your tribe or your people, but for all living creatures. Everyone can be a STAR in this sense.   Sharing and caring will bring peace on earth not the pursuit of false goals or the hoarding of wealth or the access to wealth. That is one of the messages of the Harvard Business Review Blog. Here is what the author says about that:

Dehumanization. As I’ve noted, GDP has long decoupled from more meaningful measures of welfare, like the ISEW or the GPI, that begin to measure what matter to humans, not just sociopaths in $7000 suits. Our economy’s been dehumanized, and mere recovery in the arid, sterile terms of GDP just isn’t good enough to rehumanize it.

Apologies for the preachy rant.  I worry about where we are headed, and I worry about the world my grandchildren will inherit.  Those in the $7000 dollar suits are sadly many in power.  So those of us how shop in the discount stores or the thrift stores need to start exercising our rights or our power will continue to dwindle.  Speak up. speak out, communicate with the people in power, become an informed voter and vote.

The article both depressed me, but gave me hope.  The hope is that the world’s most prestigious business school is waking up. I hope others will also.

Stay strong, share and care.

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