Relax (or not)

Not doing a blog today. Weary Wednesday has become a fact of getting old, need a mid-week break from the internal “Must Do List.”. This reblog from a very smart blogger seemed like  the way to post lazily. Enjoy, I did.


    • My pleasure. Being younger than your Mom and older than you, I am inbetween bot sets of problems. I try to enjoy what I have now. A quesiion. I know you have dogs, is one a cuddly small dog that will demand petting and loving from your Mom by jumping in her lap? Then you could remind your Mom how much her loving is needed. You can do that anyway with the big dogs, but our Punky makes us sit up and take notice.

      • Neither of our dogs are lap dogs. English Bulldog (65 pounds) and Saint Bernard (145 pounds). But they both love her and the Saint does back up to her and plunk her bum in my mom’s lap! It’s pretty funny.

      • Yes, they will both go with her. We wanted to keep the big old Saint with us as she is very attached to my son. He is her main caretaker and trained her and they are very close. But, we are going to be renting and they won’t let us keep her here. 🙁 Otherwise I would get her a small lap dog.

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