Religion, the good and the bad

Are you for or against religion,? In-between? Spiritual? Karma believer? Hopeful? How does this cartoon speak to you?

Do your beliefs make you feel superior to everyone else?



The cartoon is right on. We all want to feel at least “as good as,  but all too often  that means feeling “better than.”  For me, behaving “better than” helps me stay kind, but also leads to feeling superior.

How do I answer the  other questions I posed? I am for religion, spirituality, atheism, and karma as long as the practice of kindness is not just part of the talk, but a constant walk  extended to all.  That means I hate any doctrine that damns people for their beliefs.  Some behaviors are unacceptable.

I also object to strident atheism as it tends to throw out the bitter with the sweet. Religion offers much good.

As for the existence of God, I am often  in-between, but almost always hopeful  that some spirit of love and rationality is part of the universe and works for the good of all, if not my personal good.

Why am I posting about this? My personal blogging mission is to spread kindness by  encouraging people to think about what matters.


The Curse of Personal Knowledge, a form of twisted thinking, plays an important role in what leads us to accept or reject religion, karma, God, Gods and Goddesses.  The more strongly held a belief, the more likely it is tainted by the Curse of Personal Knowledge.  So today’s tip asks you to examine you deeply held beliefs on  a cruel versus kind scale.

Killing others who disagree with you is the top of the cruelty list. Christians seem to have given that up, but it has not let been eradicated from the doctrines. The belief non-believers are doomed no matter how kind their behavior  is cruel.

Today is Charles Darwin’s birthday and here is an Emotional Fitness Poster Quote of his on this topic:

A quote by Darwin about damnation theology.

Emotional Fitness Training’s Quote posters  aid  thinking about what matters. All EFTI poster coaches can be found at the EFTI store and most can be downloaded for free. 


This post was inspired by this Word Press  Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon  Let’s pretend that science has proven that karma is a thing. Your words and actions will influence what happens to you in the future. How (if at all) will you change your ways?

No doubt about it, what goes around in personal relationships comes around. Let that fact make you work harder to remember what matters and to practice kindness.  Doing so keeps you strong.

As always, thank you for your caring and sharing.




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