Reputation? Good and bad.

Reputation is a matter of who views who, where, and when.  What matters most is you and how you feel about you?  First a laugh to boost your #emotionalintelligence but also to start you thinking.

This post was inspired by this Word Press Daily Post Prompt: Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it?

My answer: As indicated by Doug Savage’s Cartoon, reputation depends on who knows me where. Author, professor, expert;  Tea Party Conservative, Leftest Democrat; Bad Parent, Good Parent; Friend or Foe; educated, ignorant. 

I  am some of those things, but not others.  More over, both you and I are much more complicated than one or two words can capture.

emotional intelligence thoughts

The world sees us through different eyes and that is part of who we are. We are  only partly our reputations.  However, as a well-known proverb from years past notes: If one man says you are a donkey, ignore him; if five men say you are a donkey buy a saddle blanket.  

But even that doesn’t work when it comes to reputation.

Personal examples:  I am either a Tea Party Republican or a Leftist Democrat, I do tend to have a Contrary Kat personality which means if you are arguing passionate about one side of an issue, I am likely to take a stand from the oppositional side. 

All parents are good and bad. Goes with the territory.

Friend or foe? Mostly I am seen as friendly, but some definitely think of me as foe.

I have a learning disability called Dysgraphia. That means I make mistakes that to a grammarian make me look dumb or uneducated. I am neither.

So it goes.  Take your public reputation with a grain of thought or two or three. You are only part of what you present to the outside world.   At the same time, remember the donkey proverb and be open to wondering how others see you and why.  Sometimes the way others see you is  prejudiced influenced in many ways by “The Eyes of the Beholder. At the same time those eyes may see more than your eyes see. Thinking about what matters about you matters. 


Sift through the feedback you get from others and think about whether if fits you or is the other person’s problem.  Doing so says you have stepped out of you, out of needing to defend yourself from feedback.   Doing so moves you on to the emotional intelligence A-list. Congratulations.

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