Road Trippin: Evergreen Lake, Colorado (via Robert Forto)

As this is less than an hour from where we live and where sometimes go to the attend one of Levi Brackmans Friday Night Outreach dinners. Thought I would post this to show just a bit why we love Colorado. Share, care, and Stay Strong.

Road Trippin: Evergreen Lake, Colorado What is a vacation/road trip/work-cation without a day hanging out with your 14 year old daughter for lunch and a walk around a beautiful lake? Today, Nicole and I decided to get away from it all for a little bit and head up to the foothills to Evergreen Lake. Evergreen a beautiful little place with a downtown that is perfect for a colorado mountain post card with cool cafes, coffee shoppes, consignment stores and ice cream parlors. It is also ho … Read More

via Robert Forto

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