Roger Ebert did not lose his battle with cancer

Here I am linking you to a post expressing concern about the idea that those who die have lost a battle. The author of the post also pays tribute to Roger Ebert.  This is kind of a teaser for tomorrow’s post about facing  death and living wisely.

He lived until he died. He triumphed while facing death.

He lived until he died. He triumphed while facing death.

Here is the link: Roger Ebert did not lose his battle with cancer.

I found this in my favorite doctor blog The article is  by Michael A. Wosnick, PhD. Michael  is a former cancer researcher at the Canadian Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute of Canada. He blogs at Cancer Research 101. Wosnick makes the point that Ebert won his battle with cancer while ultimately dying from it.

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Stay strong, I try. For all of you who have supported me and continue to do so , you have warmed my heart and keep me strong.  I hope I do the same for you.

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  1. Ms. Katherine,
    Having had more than a few family member both succumb to Cancer as well as a few who “Kicked it’s A**!!”, I would NEVER have described ANYONE, especially a man who truly “thumbed his nose” at his Cancer and subsequent limitations and survived for a good long while and DID a GREAT MANY THINGS as “losing the battle”!! So many ~*~*~other~*~*~ ways to phrase it in a light that would have (hopefully) UPLIFTED other Cancer patients!

    Dr. Wosnick wrote a *phenomenal* article, and I only hope that some how, some WAY, the article can end up in the hands of the patients who are battling this nasty disease and/or their care-givers….and even those they must leave behind. It has such a healing message for both patients and those they love and who love them!

    Personally, I plan on sharing it with my “Home Health Care Giver”, as her husband was diagnosed in February with “End Stage Lung Cancer” with an addition after the first tests of “Copious Brain Tumors”. She and her husband have 2 teen-age children and 2 adult daughters (from previous relationships on her end) with teen children of their own that live nearby, and they are ALL struggling as to HOW to address the Cancer with the teens and ESPECIALLY the younger kids (ranging from 13 to less than a month old)! Cancer is not nice, but we must face it, and if the INFORMATION for HELP were more PREVALENT, we wouldn’t find people living with Cancer (either their own or someone they love) too scared to make “fully informed decisions! I am watching all of this fear and confusion **right under my nose** with my care-giver, and because I care about her, I went immediately into “research mode” and now this little bit is going to be passed along! (I, myself, have lost 12 people to Cancer in my family or “close friends-may as well be family” to date, including my Maternal Grandmother last November. However, I WAS Blessed enough to see each of these individuals die with GREAT DIGNITY due to the trust they had in their Faith, Physicians and Family. They did not “lose” a battle, they merely went on to a new level! And my Paternal Grandmother underwent a Double Mastectomy in the EARLY 1980’s when Breast Cancer was not even CLOSE to as understood as it is getting today. She was one of the first to have this surgery. And later, we learned she had a “hand” in on the creation of Mastectomy Bras and inserts, and had donated all of what was removed to research. AND NOT ONE OF US, (outside her husband!) EVEN KNEW SHE WAS GOING THROUGH IT! She simply went through the Chemo, Radiation, Surgeries and all and ~never~ let anyone know! (We found out when “we” (my sisters and I) were older, and she told everyone!!!) ***Sorry, long personal bit there, but I think Cancer is “Personal” for EVERYONE, no matter who, why or whatever! Thank you for your patience! 😉

    Thank you for sharing all the awesome medical stuff, Ms. Katherine! I am a “crow” in this area: I love to get my hands on as MUCH regarding Health and Medicine as I can. (My Paternal Grandmother’s ‘fault’: she was a Nurse at Fort Logan here in CO., and she always ~fascinated~ me, and at one time I wanted to be just like her, so she always taught me all the “tidbits” she felt may come in handy…usually either age or understanding level. I know how to remove a splinter with no needles or tweezers….and little pain to the unfortunate recipient….!) It’s just unfortunate that she didn’t have Cures for all the Cancers to share with me!

    Blessings to you, Ms. Katherine and Blessings to one and all….ESPECIALLY those touched by Cancer!

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