Do any of you watch the Food Network?  I love cooking shows and that might be why my weight is so hard to control.   Sunday The Food Network  aired a Thanksgiving special with some of their top chefs putting on a live show.  Loved it, but my cranky self worried about the amount of drinking encouraged.  Twitted and asked them to mention the safe drinking rules.  Food Network didn’t air my tweet.  I get no respect.  Few people  listen to Cranky Old Ladies. Thank you for caring and being there for this one. .

I did notice that Alton Brown finally started  throwing  a few drink moderately thoughts  here and there.  Maybe the Chefs were all getting tipsy.  Maybe Alton actual read my tweet, saw it held some WOO–Wise Old One’s wisdom, maybe someone else  clued him in, maybe it was his own idea.  I would have peferred an a brief  listing of the Safe Drinking Rules.  I got that done in my Twit.   Probably t someone or Alton didn’t want to offend the wine and liquor industry too much.  You know I preach a lot about following the money.  I know the liquor industry advertises on the Food Network.

A little side story.  We had run out of wine–I have about an ounce at supper time–probably should not.  A number of the medications I take, in my effort to do as suggested in the song “Stayin Alive,”  preach no alcohol.  But I am a risk taker and I do love a swallow or two of the dog that can bite your innards.  Really miss Katherine’s Martini’s-cheap vodka on the rocks.

I usually do the wine buying, but David was going in that direction.  He came back complaining–he always complains about something–how the store was so packed with various brands and types of liquor that he had to breathe in to get though the aisles–he isn’t that chubby.  On checking out he said something about he couldn’t believe they could sell so much liquor.

He was told smugly, “We get three semi loads a week.  Sell it all.”

Whew.  We are pickling our livers in this country.

Anyway, back to safe drinking rules. In my CUSSW  lectures on Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse, I always asked my student for ideas about safe drinking.

Specifically, I asked.  “Do you know the six rules of safe drinking?”

A brave few would guess, rarely could any student spit them out and most usually it was someone who belonged to either AA or Alanon.  Neither  believe there is such a thing as safe drinking.  Ironic huh?  Do you know the safe drinking rules.  Won’t wait for you to raise your hand or comment although I do love comments on my stuff.

Trumpets blaring, here are the rules for drinkin and stayin alive:

  1. Know what is meant by a drink:  A twelve ounce bottle of beer, a four ounce glass of wine, a shot glass of the hard stuff
  2. Only one drink an hour
  3. Only three drinks in any one 24 hour period
  4. Only three or four drinking days a week
  5. Never drink and mix other drugs particularly pot
  6. Never drink and driving.

The first three rules keep you from damaging your liver, but mostly from making an A– of your self or doing things you shouldn’t do–over eating, un-protected sex, popping someone on the nose, thinking you can out race a cop so you won’t  get a DWI, telling your in-laws who pay your rent to bug off– things like that.

These rules also help you not over-dose on alcohol.  A number of kids and that includes college age kids and chronological old fold kids chug-a-lug their liquor.  Too much alcohol consumed too fast can mean bonkers.  One of my foster children died that way a few years after leaving our home.  I am thinking that is how I might arrange to stop prolonging my death, might be lots better than a too much time spent on life support without being able to communicate. I’d drink Katherine’s Martinis and smoke pot.

The fourth rule keeps you from building tolerance and keeps your liver safer.  Doesn’t make the liquor sellers happier.

The fifth rule  is also designed to keep you alive.  Mixing drugs and alcohol speeds up the process of losing control or damaging your liver.  Pot in particularly keeps you from throwing what you drink up and out of your body when it is reaching the kill-you-level. Pot suppresses nausea in cancer patients, good for surviving cancer; not so hot for staying alive.

The sixth rule needs no explaining, but is one reason I don’t like to be out on the roads on Thanksgiving or other holidays.  I may abide by the rules, but many don’t.

When I put these rules out to my students, I always took note of their facial expressions.  Almost all were violators.  Moreover, I see among many of my Facebook friends, safe drinking does not have many fans.  Still I hope all my friends not only enjoy their thanksgiving but stay safe and out-of-the-way of those who don’t.

Share, care, and stay strong.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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