Think you already say thank you 100 times every day?  Good for you. Think it is too hard to find something to be grateful for? Think again.

Saying thank you is an easy way to practice gratitude.  Say it to all who deserve it, say it to objects, to the sun, to the moon and stars. The major challenge is to thank pain, but it teaches important lessons.

Saying thank you is an easy way to practice gratitude.

emotional fitness tips

Tip one:  Always thank those who serve you.  Try adding a compliment to your think you.  Being in the business of waiting on others, working a cash register, selling things, nursing someone, doing for others as part of a job is hard work.  A genuine “Thank you”  makes the job easier.

Tip two: To say Thank you a hundred times you need to think more than just other people.  You need to thank life, to thank things that work, to think beauty.
Tip three: Enhance the power of a thank you by adding  a calming breath before saying thank you and again after.

Tip four:  Thank yourself. We forget we deserve recognition.  Sounds silly to say “Thank you” to you.  Well, than thank your brain or your body and specify what you are grateful for. “Thank you brain, for helping me solve that problem.”  “Thank you feet, for getting me going.”  “Thank you heart, for opening me to love.”

Stay strong

Big business knows the power of good manners and the carefully train employees to being polite.  When done sincerely, a thank you not only improves the other person’s emotional intelligence, but strengthens you. Like a hug you get as much as you give.

For all you do for me, thank you. Every like, every share fills my heart with gratitude and strengthens me.



The first and most important: Emotional Fitness Training is a self-help, knowledge sharing, coaching program. It is not therapy. Nor does it replace therapy when therapy is needed. If the exercises and support provided here do not help you gain control of negative feelings, more may be needed. Support groups, coaching, and therapy are other paths to emotional fitness.

Anyone with suicidal thoughts, thoughts of harming other people, or who engage in dangerous out-of-control behaviors needs professional help. Anyone with serious suicidal or homicidal plans need an immediate psychiatric evaluation.  Call a suicide hot line if you are unsure of where or how to get help. Suicidal hotlines USA.  Life can be better.

The second: I have dysgraphia, a learning disability that peppers my writing with mis-spelling and punctuation errors. All my books are professionally edited. Not so my blog post. Although I use all the grammar and spelling checks, mistakes slip by. If they bother you, seek another source of support for life’s less savory moments.   Life is too short to let problems you can avoid irritate you.


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