Seeking Perfection? Try Good Enough Instead

How to practice imperfect.Perfection is probably not possible; moreover totally un-necessary as you wonder through life.

Here’s a question that some will see as heresy? God made us in his image and made us far from perfect; does that mean God also only strives for perfection?

My thoughts? Perfection is an end point and leaves no room for growth or change. Perhaps God is perfect and wanted human kind to know the wonder of growth or change. If so, I am grateful.

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This post was inspired by the traumatic shooting in Orlando, but also fits in with Word Press’  Daily Post Prompt “Perfection”

I use the Daily Prompts not just to spark my blog ideas, but to improve my critical thinking skills.  You can do the same.

Not sure  how to use a Daily Post Prompt as a writer?  Here are the steps to get started. Then improve your thinking skills by seeing where the prompt has led others and how other thoughts fuel  your thoughts. Whether you write or not your thinking skills are improved by reading other people’s thoughts.


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  1. Perfection is an ideal — like a Norman Rockwell painting of some back-lit family gathering, in which no one has a rap sheet or addiction issues, and in which everyone is smiling. It’s a wonderful thing to strive for, but focusing too much on that ideal can rob us of enjoying the *actual experience,* don’t you think? And anyway, many of the most important lessons I’ve learned from my mistakes. Thank you for another great post.

    • You made my week, thank you for commenting. And yes, I know people who spend far too much time trying to look perfect, and it takes time away from being all you could be that matters more.

    • You keep me going. Thank you as always. And if we are lucky as we age we worry less about appearing perfect. I’ve saved lots of money, time and effort by letting my hair go gray. And then there is the fact that David hates make-up, so I rarely, rarely take time even for lipstick. Other things matter mre.

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