Un-cranking by cranking away on my Trek

Not Cranky

Staying Strong or Emotionally Fit means not letting your crankiness harm you or others.  My Twelve Daily Emotional Fitness Training Exercises  are tools for keeping crankiness from ruling your life.

A Crank: Fantasy is fun, but some religions have made it a terrible sin to indulge in fantasies.  The sin is not the fantasy, but the acting.  Emotional Fitness is the ability to want to shoot someone, most often someone you love dearly, but to not pull the trigger.  So I can get very cranky.  I live  with a Cranky Old Man and neither he or I have pulled the trigger or otherwise tried physical force to get rid of our crankiness.  So indulge in fantasy, but act with kindness is real life.

Like, share, care, stay strong.


  1. Really Cranky as I wanted the picture of a Cranky Old Lady taking Target Practice to show up as my self portrait and without text. Wish I knew how WP decided when and what pictures to post, when and how to include the text. Several people have tried to help me with that. But WP has other plans. Sighing and ranting so I can get uncranky.

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