Feeling Safer Boosts Emotional Intelligence

Recent events have eroded our sense of safety particularly when it comes to our children and schools. Something to think about.

Dogs in school to increase safety.

Well trained guard dogs save lives, and yes sometimes by sacrificing their life.  Sad, but better than children dying. Here are some thoughts from various articles about dogs in schools.

Programs like Readers of the Pack and Tales for Tails bring trained therapy dogs into school libraries to do nothing but sit and listen as children read. Kids can work through tricky vowel sounds without feeling like they’re pressured to hurry up. And instead of disapproving looks, they’re met with the eager face of a polite and furry listener.Reading to dogs has repeatedly been shown to offer kids a leg up.

SAN ANTONIO – The devastating school shooting in Florida pushed a San Antonio nonprofit to provide extra protection at schools nationwide. Those extra eyes belong to a dedicated group of veterans, police officers and dogs getting a second chance with nonprofit Universal K9 in San Antonio pairs dogs with both police officers and veterans for free. Those people come from all over the country to meet their new dogs and to start training


The great thing about a dog is they just express affection, and that may be in short supply with a lot of these kids,” said Jeff Sindler, who has taken a dog to school daily for more than 20 years. Now, it’s Luke, an 80-pound chocolate lab who romps around the grounds of Burgundy Farm Country Day School in Alexandria, where Sindler is head of school.

The Washington Post

Worries About Dogs In Schools

Allergies: Children allergic to dogs need accommodations, but should not keep dogs out of school. Several court rulings have ruled against parents who wanted service dogs kept out of school.

One solution would be to have hypoallergenic dogs for therapy dogs in school. here’s a list of the 23 dogs that are listed as hypoallergenic.     Note poodles and a number of larger dogs are on the list are also noted for abilities as guard dogs. Go here for more advice. about dogs who do not shed hair.

Children afraid of dogs: Such fears are usually based on one bad experience and are false fears when it comes to most dogs. The way to deal with false fears is to face them and trained therapy dogs help with overcoming the fear of dogs

Fear such dogs might be aggressive: This is a call for properly trained guard dogs trained to be aggressive only on command. The therapy dogs must also be properly trained.

Money worries:  Small for starting a small program. Large for starting an all-school program. Could not find much information on this. If you can please comment.

A Guide to Get Started

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