An exercise to improve your emotional fitness aka Emotional Intelligence:  What seven words can you embed in your self talk to remind you what matters most?  These quotes point the way.

Emotional Intelligence inspirational quotes as an EFTI poster

If you follow me, you probably can predict two of my seven words would be Practice Kindness. Here are all seven:

Stay safe, practice kindness, share and care.


Most of the time kindness works, but there are also times one needs to defend yourself from harm.  As a mental health professional, my first rule is always safety first. In some parts of the world, kind people are an endangered species. Every where in the world if kind people are at risk of bullying. Bullies see  kindness as weakness.

An Emotional Fitness Tip: In addition to following my seven words, if I ruled the world I would  all have basic karate training from a Peace DoJo.  A Peace Dojo is a martial arts teacher explicitly oriented towards teaching skills of non-violence, conflict resolution, and peacemaking. Martial practice is uniquely valuable for practicing peace because attack/defense drills offer the opportunity to train oneself to receive an opponent in an empathetic and harmonious way.

Bill Leicht is  Peace Do Jo  I know personally and respect as a peace warrior. Bill trained the kids seen at FRIENDS, the  Family and Children’s Mental Health Crisis Team  I directed in South Bronx.  Not only did our kids live in a community infected with violence, but as they were often viewed as different by others. Why?

Because of their serious emotional problems.  Being different meant they were also subject to bullying.  As Peace Do Jo, Bill Leicht provided our kids with the skills needed to stay safe.  Go to Urban Visions and click on his picture to view a video of his work with an urban street gang. 

Here is a peace Do Jo poster.

Peace Do Jo Poster


And here is Emotional Fitness Training’s Practice Kindness Poster CoachPractice Kindness Emotional Fitness Poster Coach

Practice kindness by helping me a bit

This post was prompted by this Word Press Daily Prompt:  Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?


This Daily Prompt  provided me with another opportunity to promote my Emotional Fitness Posters and to ask once again for some help from those of you who read this post.  And yes, this is a bit of a commercial. 

The EFTI Store opens November 1. Before it opens officially, I am asking my Social Media friends to visit it. Hopefully, the free down load is working properly.  I need to know from you if it is. I also welcome other comments about what you like and don’t like about the store.  Today, I hope to get some books poster and as the week goes by more posters and some other items.  Right now just three posters are on display.  Here is the link  to the posters. 

For all you do to strengthen my efforts to offer ways for you and others to improve your Emotional Fitness (Emotional Intelligence) thank you, thank you, thank you. 


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