I wrote these rules to help parents and teens approach the question of when the time has come to get sexual.  I think, however, they are good rules for all, particularly for those living by today’s freer standards.



Our society sends mixed message about what is acceptable sexual behavior.  Far too many of the messages not only diminish sexual pleasures, but  burden many with useless shame and guilt.

As always the question of right and wrong boils down to treating others as we want to be treated.   My Sex Rules  support that ethic.

Staying Strong

Professional help is indicated when sex is devoid of pleasure, particularly when with a kind and generous partner.  Do not let stigma keep you from finding the joy of sex.  

Practicing the  DAILY TWELVE EMOTIONAL FITNESS EXERCISES  is a good start  on the path to a better life with or without the pleasures of sex. 

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A brief note about changes in posts and posting schedule.  I need to devote more time to writing for E-book publication.  I will post regularly from Monday to Friday, but some will be super short: a joke, a quote for thinking about, or a re-blog.   Know this will please most as we all feel the pressure of time nipping at our heels while expanding our to do list

Thank you for all you do to support my efforts.


DISCLAIMER ONE: EMOTIONAL FITNESS TRAINING IS NOT THERAPY.  It is a self-care, self-help educational program. Therapy is about healing, Emotional Fitness Training is about strengthening.


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