My Friday saw me rushing as Shabbat approached and I entered that day without posting my usual Shabbat Shalom post.  To make my amends, I offer Heschels quote to think about.

One of the things I did during my youth when I wanted to get a way a bit, to separate from the press of the outside world; I contemplated the stars. I was doing what Heschel suggests –  contemplating the mystery of creation. Not that I thought that was what I was doing.

Now, I contemplate rocks and mountains as well.  Stars, rocks, and mountains put me in touch with a world that is  beyond my comprehension, but that also holds me.  I may be less than a grain of sand, but I am part of something eternal and wondrous.  Thinking so fills with me with gratitude and peace beyond understanding.

Stay Strong

May the powers that are above and beyond us,  bless all, may the let the light of wonder shine down on us and move us toward peace.



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