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A few Take a break tips for any day, any time.  These are some of my most important Emotional Fitness Training Exercises.  

Tip one: Calming Breath is a basic Take a Break Strategy.   When tense or annoyed we often take a quick breath in and then forget to let it out.  Not good as holding your breath or breathing quickly tenses you.  Learning to consciously take a calming breath off and on through out the day un-tenses you.  .

  1. Breathe in slowly.
  2. Hold until you feel some small bit of tension.
  3. Breathe out slowly.
  4. Smile gently.
  5. Say a quiet “Thank You.”

Go about doing what you were doing.

Tip two: Center.  When you have a bit more time extend the power of Calming Breath by Centering.  Take that first Calming Breath then breathe normally and notice how it just feels to breathe in and out. Watching your thoughts.   Don’t try to control your thoughts.  Just  notice them as they come and go.  Some finding saying a silent “Thank you” to each thought interesting.  Spend at least a minute or two centering and when you must go on to something else take another calming breath.

Tip three: Remember What Matters.  All past sages and current researchers know that caring, sharing, and kindness matter most both for personal happiness and in efforts to bring the world to a safer place.  Most of us are caring people, but we all need to strengthen our ability to care for those outside our circle and most particularly those whose ideas and beliefs differ from ours.

Tip four. Be With Beauty. Thich Nhah Hanh, noted Buddhist activist, says beauty can be found anywhere.  He notes that  one can see beauty in garbage and garbage in a rose.  It all depends on one’s willingness to look deeply into each.

I keep beauty around me in many ways.  I have one sea shell perched on the base of my computer monitor.  I see it all the time.  To Be With Beauty, I must stop, take a Calming Breath, focus on the shell as I complete the Calming Breath.

I collect and post Be With Beauty pictures on my pinterest board.  If you want to share some Be With Beauty Pictures or quotes related to Beauty contact me by email ([email protected]) of re-pin  one of my pictures of beauty and I will find you and re-pin one of yours. 

Tip five: Practice Calming Self Talk.   Finding short slogans that remind you what matters helps you take a break from negative thoughts.  Here are some of mine:

It is all all right.
Now is not forever
Life goes on.
Thank you.

When I am centering and negative thoughts seem unusually strong, just saying “Thank You” can diminish or transform negative thoughts into something more useful.

Tip six: As always practice kindness.  I end most of my post asking you to be kind to me by liking, commenting, sharing, or pinning this post.  Doing so helps me stay strong and maybe does the same for some others as well.  But kindness, sharing, and caring can be practiced easily in a thousand ways.  Smiles, hugs, complimenting strangers, complimenting loved ones, passing along compliments you have heard about someone who isn’t there.  99% of the time practicing kindness is like giving a hug, you get kindness back.


We must love them both –those whose opinions we share, and those whose opinions we reject. For both have labored in the search for TRUTH and both have helped us in the FINDING of it.

St. Thomas Aquinas

Good luck, life is a struggle AND despite the struggle, life is full of wonder and joy.



First:  Think of all advice as a suggestion.  Take it all with a grain of salt, mine included.

Second: Sometimes my posts are a bit peppered with mis-spellings, oddly used words, weird punctuation.  These stem from a lesser known learning disability called dysgraphia, but also from rushing.  My apologies. Don’t read or check back in a day or so, as I usually catch most of the errors when I re-read.  Also practice forgiveness is a useful Emotional Fitness Exercise.


Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.