Shake it up: practice kindness

Want to manage anger better? Practice deliberate kindness. Shake the angry person up a bit. Here is a Poster Coach about deliberate kindness.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle. #platoquote

EFTI Poster Coaches:  free digital downloads at the EFTI Store.


The more you practice any of Emotional Fitness Exercises the more automatic their practice becomes.  Automatic practice means if a negative feelings tries to control you,  you have a protective fence between you and the feeling. That protective fence helps you think before acting on a negative feeling – the game plan followed by #emotionalintelligent gurus.

As usual thank you for all you do, particularly the deliberate kindness of liking, comment, or sharing EFTI’s posts.


Today’s Daily Daily Prompt: Shake it Up. You’re 12 years old. It’s your birthday. Write for ten minutes on that memory. GO. I went with the title, but the suggestion I remember my 12 year old birthday did not resonnate.  We all do what we can. Stay strong.

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