My book When Good Kids Do Bad Things has been revived electronically. It is available for the next three days as a free Kindle Download.

I wrote it, I revised it, I own its bragging rights. I am proud of it. It is a good read for parents, professionals, or friends who are curious about my trip into what some called a psychotic period.  Namely, the fourteen years, my husband and I were foster parents. Almost 400 foster children who lived with us and my two sons over a fourteen year period.  Four to six teens lived with us at a time, boys and girls.  They were in trouble with the law or rejected by their parents. We were a short-term home. It was psychotic,  it was hell, it was wonderful, it probably helped me, my husband and my children grow more than any other experience. I share what a learned from my foster kids in the book and it was much more about human nature than I learned in graduate school or my years as a therapist.

Practice Kindness

If  you download it post a review.  You might have to have an Amazon account, but no fear, if you don’t you can post a comment on my Pinterest ;in about the book..  Here is that link.  By the way, Pinterest is great, easy to use, fun and I think every blogger should try pinning.  I am addicted.

Thank you and as I tell myself a hundred times stay strong.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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