A PROPOSED BLOG POST SCHEDULE, WHAT DO YOU THINK?  The Make Money Gurus say focus, focus, focus.  Find one audience and pitch to them.  Beyond my abilities. Might be my ADHD tendencies, but then again it might be that I am a Renaissance Woman learning in many fields.  Anyway, thought I might take a few steps toward becoming a bit more focused by developing a posting schedule.   Here’s my tentative schedule

Monday — From the Downhill Slope — news and views for the WOOs, care-giverss and anyone not happy about growing older–worrying about being over thirty means you are worrying too much and need to be grateful so much is ahead of you..

Tuesday –My  Free EFT stuff.

Wednesday– Shrinks Think  As I am a therapist and friends with many therapists, would be therapists, and users of therapy, these posts are for all, guest posters are welcome.  My main purpose is to create educated consumers and competent therapists.

Thursday — Power Players — For anyone who holds power over another–parents, teachers, care-givers, supervisors, big bosses.

Friday — Thinking About What Matters — religion, spirituality and philosophy.

Monday through Friday–Daily Post Challenges, Be With Beauty

So let me know you thoughts.  Even clicking like would help.

Share, care, and grow strong.


Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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