WORRIED ABOUT GETTING OR BEING FAT?  This will interest.  The article talks about different ways people gain weight.  Can you spot yourself?

Themes explaining why people are obese.

In my family we are all  super skinny  children.  The picture is of my brothers and me.  As you can see there was no spare fat being passed around.  I stayed now-a-day model thin until the end of college.     Sadly Twiggy had not yet emerged and I just wanted to gain weight.  That started happening in my thirties, it a good weight mid way to forty, but kept on gaining.  So it goes in my family.  We also gain only around our middle, arms and legs stay thin.  One nice thing, your wrinkles smooth out a bit as you gain.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Thin is not necessarily healthy, nor is fat.  Work on health more than weight.  Know your genetic probabilities, never diet; instead work toward healthy.  I love food, I have gotten the steady weight gain under control by become calorie wise, learning to be aware of what I am eating and the enjoyment level.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Eat with awareness.  That is hy the dieting gurus say always eat at a table and make eating the only thing you do.  I can’t say I do that, but I have learned to eat with greater awareness.  Once I started staying aware of eating, I found the pleasure level of many foods fell off sharply after  any number of mouthfuls.  Chocolate almost never; but potato chips, pasta, and even steak drop rapidly in pleasure.  I can now eat the recommended portions size and feel content.

STAYING STONG TIP:  Do the best you can.  Some people have it easy; others look at food and gain.  At the same time, don’t use that as an excuse to give up.  Everyone has some life long battles and if weight is yours, the worse thing you can do is not face that it will be a life long battle.

DISCLAIMER.  My advice is always general and you are a unique person.  What works for me might not work for you.  What I tell you is based on up-to-date knowledge, but in all matters of health, consulting a doctor remains the first choice when problems loom.  Meanwhile, care, share and stay strong.

IMAGE: Probably by my mother and I look to be around four or five so it would have been 1942.  The beach is Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

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